Privacy Policy

Designs By Sanvi is attains a unique method of safeguarding, and preserving the user details provided. It complies towards Data protection. Designs By Sanvi ensures that all users have better clarity of the information collected. Updations are constantly made on the site, for better performance and time based reviews. Data is collected from the user based on specific choices. Users may keep a constant check for changes on the site. We at Designs By Sanvi respect your right to privacy and will keep a track of your visits on the site. By using our site, you agree to the terms of Designs By Sanviā€™s privacy policy.

This site is subject to changes. You could keep visiting the site regularly to check the same. We also understand that you permit us to collate your details as per the policy guidelines. While you operate our site, we may process and collect your details for the number of your visits on the site, communication data, details collated from form filling process, this could be when you wish to purchase a particular product, and would like to register yourself on the site, details such as general use of internet and so on. These methods help in improving the site and to provide better service to the customers.

Certain non-personal information can be provided to third parties such as number of unique visitors on the site, activities that are engaged in by the visitors and so on. We would not disclose your personal details to any third party unless required by legal consent.

We understand that all users would adhere to the terms of use and would comply by it. Any specific or general changes to be made to your personal or generic information, you may write to us and corrections would be made accordingly.

We ensure that we safeguard the information of our users, and would take necessary steps to curtail unauthorized access.

Financial transactions such as the debit or credit card details, the card number, account details, card expiry date and so on would be processed by a third party and would be kept confidential. No details would be sold or distributed.

You may find that our site has links directing to other websites which do have their own policies. We cannot be held liable for any information you furnish to other sites which is entirely upon your own interest.