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We Build Spaces that make you smile and create fantasy!

The home that you always wanted is the home you deserve. Designs By Sanvi helps you realize that dream with interior design that’s beautiful, reliable, and created just for you.

About Designs By Sanvi

Designs By Sanvi is an Interior Design firm established in 2012 especially with a passion to bring to life your space of dreams. Founder Somya Madan, Gaurav Kundra and team at Designs By Sanvi come with the enriched design experience in residential, commercial and office spaces.

We are a team of passionate, energetic, creative and inquisitive designers with interests ranging from travel, dancing, reading, cooking to animals. We are always drawing inspiration from our surroundings, constantly questioning what we see and how it can be applied to the world of design.

Our passion for design translates into seamless, unique and timeless spatial experiences.